For all of you early birds, I got massive news from Rane! I woke up with this email about it, but to be honest who still reads the Serato spam anyway? I ended up watching the actual press release and initial reviews of... you ready? The all new Rane 72 mixer and the Rane 12 controllers!

Now you might be like "Alex, what do you care about that release, you're a digital DJ, you can't turntable!".

You're right, I can't really, my deck dropping skills are always half a beat off and my scratching sounds like a cat trying to fight it's way out of a metal dumpster. BUT! This release is truly game changing. I might actually switch to this setup as soon as I win the lottery!

Let me explain: Remember the NS7III? If not, I will refresh your memory: The NS7 series was bound to be a controller from Numark designed to follow the functions of a turntable setup in a controller package. 45's for spinners, high torque motors, recently added screen at the length of the entire setup (Take that CDJ's).

Now Rane seems to have beefed that concept up a little with this: